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In the Name of ALLAH, the most gracious, most merciful. Assalamu Aliakum Wa Rahemutulla Wa Barkatuhu to all brother & sister. Alhamdulillah after serving for last 32 years, gaining a tremendous success with excellent experience. The most well & every Heart trustworthy Tamboli Tours And Travels Pvt Ltd, inviting you for the most auspicious visit during this year for Hajj & Umrah.

Tamboli Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd.

is a licensed Company from Government of India & recognized by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our previous year registration Number was MH01052518/CAT-I/175/2018/CAT-I/304. We are member of International Air Transport Association (IATA). We are also associated with Travel Agency of India (TAFI). We are active member of All India Haj Umrah Tour Organisers (AIHTOA). Tamboli Tours & Travels Private Limited is a distinguished company whose prosperity is increasing day by day. We have pure intention to serve guest of Allah & helping them to perform one of the five obligatory duty of Islam. Our only objective is to cater pilgrims with sincerity and help them to accumulate the favour of Allah Taa’la showering on the Holy land. To Allah is the praise for having made that easy blessing us with patient & inspiring us with gratitude. The Whole & Soul of Tamboli Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd is Tamboli Shoukat Ibrahim. He has mastered a degree of excellence in his job. His character is ornamented with Honesty, righteous, patient, politeness & invaluable morals. He has striven his utmost level to serve pilgrims on every front. He has sound scholarly opinion & knowledge of Sunna & rituals. Under his leadership his Staff also works hard to make Hajj journey more easier & comfortable. We are keen on making the journey as peaceful & blessed as possible. Our motto is to give considerable amount of attention on every aspects of tour. Under supervision of group of scholar who has rich experience, wide knowledge & collection of behavioral recommendation whole Hajj is performed. We have succeeded in it by grace & bounty of Allah. May Allah give us happiness in this world & in the hereafter & bestow his favor on us for He is most generous, most kind.
Tamboli Tours and Travels gives you the finest and most satisfying experience and provides you with well travelling Hajj & Umrah experience.

                                               I believe in providing our valued customer the best services at most economical rates. Considering, Hajj and Umrah is a once in a lifetime experience, we strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere so you can focus on performing Hajj and Umrah with peace of mind.”                                                                                                           - Tamboli Shoukat Ibrahim, Director, Tamboli Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd.


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    Thank You "Tamboli Tours" for Making my Holy Haj A Wonderful Journey"

    Khan Fairoz

    That was awesome being with Tamboli group..as expected 1st class service... looking forward for more hospitality from Tamboli group